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Complete Nutrition for Indian Ringneck parakeets African Love birds & Cockatiels HAND FEEDING Formula for macaws was developed as a result Macaws , Eclectus and Hawkheeds perform better on an increased energy diet . By adjusting levels of protein , vitamins and minerals , Hand Feeding Formula for Macaws Provides ideal growth and feathering due to elevated energy and fatty acid levels . it also works such as cockatiels and conures . FEEDING DIRECTION : 1. Feed till the Bird’s crop is rounded nicely . Do not allow crop to bulge . Do not over feed to preventregurgitation . 2. For ever 10gms of body Weight of the Chick , feed approximate I ml of prepared formula . Newly hatched chicks may require smaller amount of feeding until the crop begins to grow . WITH DHA OMEGA – 3 Helps promote stronger Healthier Birds For all Baby Bird