Skypearll 2-in-1 Garden Grafting Tools Pruner Kit, V-Graft Omega-Graft and U-Graft Blades, Grafting Knife Use for Garden Plant Branch Vine Fruit Tree


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Product Description

Skypearll Professional Grafting Tools

agriculture toolsagriculture tools

– For many people, grafting and pruning are not an easy job, especially the plant branches cutting and joining part. You have to make sure the rootstock (base plant) and scion (top plant) stem are of the same cutting angle. Otherwise, the cuts can’t fit together well for good cambium contact and the new hybrid plant will be prone to die.

This Agriculture grafting tool can solve this problem.

– As long as you have rootstock and scion of the same diameter, two centered V-shaped ( or U /Ω) cuts will fit them together perfectly, giving you a stable graft, with maximum cambium contact, ready for taping. With a good taping job, no wax or whipping is needed.

Skypearll – Agriculture Pruning scissors Tools with Replaceable Blades (V & U & Ω Shaped)

garden toolsgarden tools

Features :

1. Garden tools have 2 functions – grafting and pruning. Additional pruning shears is no longer needed when grafting.

2. Includes 3 blades Ω-Cut U-Cut V-Cut. Choose a blade that works best for what you graft.

3. Skypearll selects better than average materials to build grafting tools. Pruners should hold up for years of usage with proper maintenance.

grafting toolsgrafting tools

Picture 1

pruning scissors for branchespruning scissors for branches

Picture 2

garden scissorsgarden scissors

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gardening scissorsgardening scissors

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grafting toolsgrafting tools

pruning scissors for branchespruning scissors for branches

garden scissorsgarden scissors

gardening scissorsgardening scissors

Specification :


Carbon Steel, ABS and Aluminum

Cut Grafting Stocks

From 5mm up to 12mm Diameter

Rimming Blades Thickness



22cm x 10cm


Tree Cutting and Grafting



grafting knifegrafting knife

How to use :

Step 1: Hold the grafting stock in the grafting tool and squeeze the handle to make the cut, repeat this step to cut the stem from the donor plant.

Step 2: Slide the donor stem into the groove of the stock plant, matching the cut surfaces as closely as possible. If the stock and donor plant are not the same size, match on the side only.

Step 3: Place sterilizing material around the joint, and bind with tape, the sterilizing material will protect against bacteria and weather conditions.

Step 4: Use the pruner to cut useless branches from the plant.

Step 5: The grafting tool with “V & U & Ω” blade and the end of blade both can cut, one piece blade can be used as two pieces blade, so you would have total six pieces blade.

garden tools for gardening

garden tools for gardening

tree cutting tools

tree cutting tools

cutting tool

cutting tool

Skypearll Grafting Tools

pruner garden toolspruner garden tools

Package Included :

1 x Fruit Tree Pruning Shears Grafting Cutting Tool

ã? 2 in 1 Grafts and Pruning ã??: Professional grafter, combines pruning shears for trees and fruit trees, grafting tools in one
ã? Simple to Use ã??: the replaceable graft can be precision and clean cut. The diameter of the branches or seedlings is 3-13 mm and the width of the graft interface is 2 mm. Depth: 10 mm
ã? High Quality Materials ã??: Unlike traditional grafting tools, our tools are made of high carbon steel double-edged shear blades and high-strength ABS plastic handles, which are pruned and grafted at the same time for durability. The oil on the blade’s surface is designed to reduce contact with air and moisture, further protecting the blade from lubrication and rust