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Ranunculus flowers look almost too perfect to be real. Their rose-like blossoms feature layer upon layer of tissue-thin petals. The brilliantly coloured flowers of Ranunculus is a great attraction. These gorgeous flowers are beloved for their coloured double-ruffled petals, tall stems, and long vase life. They also make long-lasting cut flowers.
Common Name   Ranunculus or Wedding flowers
Planting And Care
Water a plant when the soil feels dry to touch
Try to water the plants in the morning around 8-10am
Remove dead, infected or damaged plant parts and throw in the garbage collector
Fertilize the plant during planting and growing season with organic fertilizer
Store the bulbs away from sunlight in a cool and dry area and check regularly
Do not store bulbs for more time as they can loose their viability
Ranunculus Care
These bulbs are pre-treated and ready to sow
Sowing season of Ranunculus bulb in the rainy and early winter season
Dig a hole about three times as deep as the height of the bulb
Set the bulb in the hole, then covers with soil and press firmly
Planting space of bulbs 10-15 cm apart
Water thoroughly after planting
Use the potting mix for bulb plantation as ; 1
Garden soil + Compost + Perlite + Sand (2:2:1:1)2
Soil + Cocopeat + vermicompost (2:1:2)
Sunlight Full sun
Watering Moderately
Soil Well-drained and fertile soil.
Temperature 20 to 30 degrees C
Fertilizer Apply any organic fertilizer during planting of bulb.
All our products are high-quality products with high germination rate after screening and testing.
Ranunculus is perfect for cutting flowers, bring them indoors as vases!Ranunculus is the perfect gift for flower lovers.
rowing temperature: 20℃ during the day, 7~10℃ at night
Ranunculus add some color and vitality to your home or garden.Suitable for balcony, garden, yard, lawn, farm, etc.