Price: ₹980.00 - ₹784.00
(as of Oct 25,2022 19:26:12 UTC – Details)


Benefits : In Pond: Eats the bottom settled pond wastes and avoids the decomposition. Makes the pond bottom clean, neat and visible. Provides more space to Prawn to eat and swim by removing bottom sludge.
Prevents toxic gases like ammonia, H2S, SO2 etc. in pond water. In Feed: Helps for better gut health, Immunity, Productivity, Growth, Body weights.
Dosage: Prawn / Fish Tanks: At the time of pond preparation. (or) First use: 10 Kg / acre (or) 25 kg / hectare. During the culture: 5 Kg / acre once in a month FISH : 5 Kg / acre. (or) 12.5 kg / hectare In Feed: 10 gm / kg of feed 7-10 days in a month. (or) as advised by an aqua consultant.
Note : Use recommended quantity of Bottom-Lact mixed with equal quantity of Super Fresh for better results.