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Radish, Raphanus Sativus, Is An Herbaceous Annual Or Biennial Plant In The Family Brassicaceae, Grown For Its Edible Taproot. The Radish Plant Has A Short Hairy Stem And A Rosette (Ground Level Horizontal And Circular Leaves) Of Oblong Shaped Leaves Which Measure 5–30 Cm (2–12 In) In Length. Growing Radishes From Seed Is Like Magic Throw The Seeds Onto The Ground And Cover With Barely Half An Inch Of Soil, Then Water And Watch Them Grow. Radishes Are Always Grown From Seed Directly Into The Soil Where They Will Grow To Maturity And Do Not Need To Be Started Indoors And Then Transplanted. Radishes Prefer An Open Position That Gets Good Light, Although They Can Be Grown In Light Shade. Avoid Shaded Areas That Get No Sun At All. Improve The Soil By Digging Or Raking In Lots Of Well-Rotted Compost Or Other Bulky Organic Matter Soil Improver To Create A Free-Draining, Humus-Rich Soil.
Radishes Are Grown And Consumed Throughout The World, Being Mostly Eaten Raw As A Crunchy Salad Vegetable With Bite.
Pack Of 100 Seeds.
You Get The Result In Under 20-30 Days.
More Information About Radish White Long Vegetable Read Our Description.