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A new durum wheat variety HI 8759 has been recommended for commercial cultivation under high fertility irrigated timely sown conditions of Central zone of India. Seeds reuired – 45 kgs per acre . HI 8759 has yield potential of >75.5 q/ha. It showed good levels of field resistance to stem and leaf rusts. It showed better resistance to loose smut and foot rot than all the checks, and comparable resistance to flag smut and Karnal bunt . It can serve as a “dual purpose” variety suitable both for making chapati and for pasta preparations due to its moderate SDS-sedimentation value (~ 35 ml). It can contribute to “nutritional security” in central India, because of its high protein content (~12.0 %), good levels of yellow pigment (~5.7 ppm), and essential micronutrients like iron (42.1 ppm) and zinc (42.8 ppm); with very high overall acceptability (7.5). Durum wheatcultivation has several advantages tooffer like saving irrigation water dueto its high water-use efficiency,minimizing the risk of rustepidemics because of its diverse rustresistance, providing naturally‘biofortified health food’ due to itshigh protein, yellow pigment andmicronutrients content .
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High yield potential of > 75.5 q/ha