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Tomato, (Solanum Lycopersicum), Flowering Plant Of The Nightshade Family (Solanaceae), Cultivated Extensively For Its Edible Fruits. The Fruits Are Commonly Eaten Raw In Salads, Served As A Cooked Vegetable, Used As An Ingredient Of Various Prepared Dishes, And Pickled. Use A Large Pot Or Container With Drainage Holes In The Bottom. Use Loose, Well-Draining Soil. Plant One Tomato Plant Per Pot. Taller Varieties May Need To Be Staked. Place The Pot In A Sunny Spot With 6 To 8 Hours Of Full Sun A Day. Keep Soil Moist. Water Generously The First Few Days That The Tomato Seedlings Or Transplants Are In The Ground. Water Well Throughout The Growing Season, About 2 Inches Per Week During The Summer. Water In The Early Morning.
Tomatoes Are The Fruit Of The Tomato Plant.
Tomatoes Are The State Vegetable Of New Jersey.
50+ Seeds In One Pack And You Get The Result In Under 40-50 Days.
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