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Super Nepier/Pakchong 1 are Perennial Hybrid Napier Grass obtained by crossing Napier grass and Pearl Millet. Developed by Department of Livestock, Thailand. It’s Imported Hybrid, “KING OF NAPIER” in Asia.
Very fast growth, commonly crop height ranges is 10-11 feet, it grows very tall. Farmers should take 7-8 years good yield & annually take 7-8 cuts are possible. First harvest on 75-80 days after planting & subsequent cuts at intervals of 30-40 days.
Green fodder yield is 200 tons/acre/year (maintain 15 cows in one acre of land), 50-60 tons/cutting depending upon the soil. Farmers can save huge money & fodder because of high Protein content (16-18%).
Farmer’s once got slips at the same time sock in normal water for 4-5 hours, then move to immediate planting as follow descriptions.