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The original tree reportedly grew from a Haden seed planted around 1922 on the property of Thomas H. Atkins of Broward County, Florida. Later pedigree analysis supported the Haden parentage. Thomas Atkins submitted the fruit to the variety committee of the Florida Mango Forum multiple times during the 1950s, which rejected it due to its unremarkable eating qualities and considerable fiber in the flesh. Atkins, however, felt strongly that the fruit had good commercial potential due to its color, strong and steady production, relatively good fungus resistance, and good handling characteristics. He was able to market the fruit successfully to commercial growers, who began planting the cultivar during the 1950s. Thereafter, ‘Tommy Atkins’ became extremely popular as a commercial variety, eventually becoming the most commonly planted commercial mango in Florida, and later the most extensively planted in the Americas, a position it still holds today.
Mangoes are carbide free (Naturally Ripened)
Please Do not cut mango unless it is completely yellow ( ripe) and start giving Aroma. If you cut early then it may taste sour.‎