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Price: ₹28,000.00 - ₹14,500.00
(as of Nov 22,2022 23:26:09 UTC – Details)


Best machine for lawn & garden grass trimming and also for agriculture farming use. Balwaan Brush Cutter can be used for cutting/harvesting wheat, rice, sugarcane, soybean, animal feeds, and grass cutting. It is also a powerful and good machine for removing unwanted weeds with extra weeder attachment. Ideally suited to agriculture, horticulture, and lawn/garden maintenance. For after-sales support service, you can contact us at- 0141-6727778 Balwaan Agriculture portable crop harvester is a lightweight, multipurpose and very powerful machine which is basically used for agricultural purposes. This machine allows you to work through a full 360 degrees and is ideally suited to agriculture, horticulture, lawn garden maintenance, and landscaping sectors. The Balwaan BX-35 35cc brush cutter comes with Tiller Attachment, 3 attachments: a 3T blade, and 2 Nylon Tap n Go cutters. It is used for cutting dry matured standing crops such as wheat, paddy, maize, Jowar, Mehndi, soya bean, etc. You can also use it for cutting dense undergrowth, and unwanted weeds, pruning trees and trimming hedges and garden grass. This machine works efficiently as it cuts the crops just 2-3 cm above the soil surface and can be easily carried on the shoulder. While cutting the crops this machine simultaneously gathers and places the crop on the other side A person can easily cut 12-15 bigha of crops by attaching the 80 t blade as the blade is very powerful and made up of alloy steel body. The unique Balwaan mini 4-stroke engines are reliable, efficient, and quiet, making them kinder to the environment yet offering you superb performance. Note – Damage parts not covered in the warranty
Warranty: 1+1Year
Best for Grass Trimming
Ideal for Farm Use
Guaranteed Best milage
Free Adjustable Jacket Belt Strap with Hook