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PRUTHA STORE (1)What is Garden Gloves? they are garden equipment that offers protection from irritants such as poison ivy, guard your hands against potentially hazardous pesticides, and protect you from simple cuts and scrapes. (2)Why Should you wear garden gloves? According to the Royal Horticultural Society, wearing gardening gloves is a ‘common sense’ approach which can protect from a range of deadly diseases lurking beneath the earth. Legionnaires disease can be caught from stagnant water while Weil’s disease and salmonella can be transmitted through compost heaps. (3)Make yard work fun again and hassle free with these amazing garden gloves. The benefits of a glove with the usefulness of garden tools. The built in gardening claws make digging, planting, raking, fast and easy. It’s the one step solution to handle a variety of gardening tasks. Durable non-slip construction protects hands while preventing broken fingernails and sore fingertips, and the puncture resistant design shields against sharp, thorny greenery. Garden gloves rinse clean and don’t hold dirt leaving your hands dry, clean & protected. Thank you for visit PRUTHA STORE.
Protects Fingers: The Puncture Proof Material Allows Complete Protection To Your Fingers And Fingernails While Conducting Various Tough Tasks In Your Garden.
The Gloves Are Puncture Resistant And The Claws Are Made With Durable Abs Plastic To Protect Your Fingers And Hands.
With Built In Claws For Digging, Planting And Raking, These Garden Gloves Are A One Step Solution To Your Gardening Tasks
Kshiti Gardening gloves are made from a synthetic rubber material so they can protect hands from chemicals and cuts and scrapes. They are also made to be breathable and flexible.